Are emeralds good for engagement rings?

When you’re deciding on the perfect engagement ring, an emerald might not be the first gemstone that you think of. For many brides-to-be a clean, sparkling diamond is their top choice, but should more people be thinking about something different when they plan to pop the question? 

Recently there has been a clear surge in how many emerald engagement rings being sold. Today we will be taking a closer look at some of the reasons why more people seem to be selecting them for their proposal so you can decide if you should be one of them. 

What is the meaning behind emerald engagement rings? 

Every precious gemstone has its own story and meaning that has evolved and developed over time. Emeralds are popular because of their bright green colour, which makes them stand out in any type of jewellery. Emeralds have been used since ancient times and have a deep meaning with different interpretations. You can read about some of the interesting meanings and beliefs surrounding emeralds below: 


Throughout time emeralds have often been considered as a symbol of love and truth. The Romans and Greeks were thought to have believed that emeralds were a representation of the goddesses of love, passion, and desire in their cultures, known as Venus and Aphrodite. 

Additionally, the Egyptians perceived emeralds as a source of eternal life, which makes quite the statement for a proposal! The Incas also valued emeralds highly and considered them a sacred stone associated with wisdom and insights into the future. 

The emotions associated with an emerald 

Even though rubies are mainly thought of as the gemstone of love and passion due to their bold red hue, emeralds are also seen as a stone that represents love. The green colouring represents new life and beginnings, particularly in the spring which is the season of growth. 

It is also said that emeralds have the ability to reflect true love, bringing couples closer together. Rubies might showcase passionate love, but emeralds demonstrate a deep and faithful love for a partner. This is one of the key reasons why they make good engagement rings, and why they are used for other important pieces of jewellery like a promise or eternity ring


The ancient Egyptians believed that emeralds represented eternal life, and many people today still believe that these gemstones can bring peace to the body and mind. Their green glow is thought to provide a calming energy, promoting vitality within the wearer as well as mental clarity and increased focus. 

Emeralds have a long history of being used in medicine and healthcare. For example, they were once soaked overnight in water to treat the eyes, and the water was used to wash over the affected area. They have also been used to help affected internal organs such as the kidney and pancreas. 

What are the benefits of emerald engagement rings? 

Emeralds are extremely versatile and can work in a broad range of settings and designs. The green hue of the stone allows for it to be used in both traditional and more modern style engagement rings.  

They are typically less expensive than diamonds as well, making them a more affordable choice. The lower price certainly does not mean less quality though, emeralds make an excellent investment as they hold their value very well over time. This makes them a great option if you want to possibly pass the emerald ring on to future generations. 

Do emeralds make good engagement rings? 

Nowadays, more unconventional and bespoke engagement rings are commonly used for proposals. Despite traditional princess cut diamond rings remaining the most popular, engagement rings with an emerald cut or other gemstones are becoming more commonly requested. 

As we have explored, emeralds are used less in engagement rings than more conventional gemstones, but this makes them a very original choice if your partner is interested in something that is different from a conventional diamond ring.   

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