Lucky Pebble

Lucky Pebble

The nautical lucky pebble is featured across a selection of the Barbara Tipple designer jewellery collections. This diverse handcrafted pebble can be worn as a plain pendant or set with a choice of vibrant coloured gemstones. The lucky pebble pendant necklace is an exquisite collection of creature jewellery available in some popular zodiac designs. Crabs for cancer and fish for Pisces. Each is handmade with a personal touch for the perfect gift for you or a loved one.   

The lucky pebble collection includes pendants and cufflinks all hand-made by our master goldsmith in our workshops in Hampshire and In London. Each piece is bespoke and can be personalised for you. The lucky pebble collection was created from a pebble which Barbara found on a beach along the South coast. It is said that if you have a pebble with a hole in it, it will bring you a lifetime of luck. 

We now cast this perfectly formed lucky pebble in silver gold and platinum to pass on the luck this charming pendant can bring. Our talented craftsmen carve, forge, and polish this lucky pebble into sculptural pendants and cufflinks which can either be worn plain or adorned with precious gemstones to make this handmade piece personal to you.  

You are welcome to meet with Barbara to view a vast selection of gemstones which can be set into your own lucky pebble pendant. Birthstones such as sapphire, diamonds, and amethyst. Or opulent moonstones that shimmer like droplets of water inside the hole of the stone next to the darkened silver of the lucky pebble.

Hand choosing a gemstone to be set into a handmade, bespoke jewellery design truly makes buying a bespoke piece of jewellery a special and personal experience. This unique collection is also available in a selection of zodiac designs.  

The lucky pebble can feature a hand-carved 18ct yellow gold lion for the star sign of Leo or gold crabs and fish for the aquatic zodiac signs of Cancer and Pisces. Each pebble can be handmade in a combination of metals, sterling silver with 18ct yellow gold to add contrast using mixed metals.  

This beautifully crafted pendant is the perfect piece to complement the bumble bee collection, the contrast of the 18ct yellow gold hand-crafted bumble bee artistically poised on the lucky pebble makes this pendant a fun wearable piece of nature. Using the finest materials and the talent of our highly skilled craftsmen the luck of the pebble can be worn by many. The craftsmen in our artisan workshops use traditional techniques to bring Barbara’s designs to life.