Your Design, Our Craftsmanship

Barbara Tipple is one of Britain’s most treasured jewellery designers who has consistently pushed the boundaries of jewellery design for over 35 years, she is well connected to precious stone dealers who search the world for the finest quality diamonds for her designs. It is the quality and the rarity of these natural elements which make many of Barbara’s creations so unique.

Step one
Initial Consultation

The Barbara Tipple gallery has been a familiar feature in the coastal town of Southsea in Hampshire. Behind the showroom on Marmion Road are our workshops, where artisan craftsmen and Master goldsmith are creating Barbara’s bespoke, unique jewellery.

You may be enticed in by one of the handmade pieces we have on display in the window, or you may decide that you would like something made, uniquely for you. Your individual experience at Barbara Tipple’s starts from the moment you are welcomed in, you will have a truly memorable experience meeting with Barbara, where she will talk through initial ideas with you, using her talent to create one-of-a-kind pieces, personal to you.

step two
Select your Stones

Barbara Tipple is one of the most discerning gemstone collectors in the World. You will be immersed in the most beautiful selection of precious and semi-precious stones. From vibrant coloured gemstones such as tourmaline, sapphires and aquamarines. To the finest quality diamonds. 

Choosing a gemstone for your design is very personal. Barbara will show you a selection of the very best, but the final choice will be the stone that speaks to you. Barbara will work alongside you and your desired budget to choose the perfect gemstone for your unique piece of jewellery.

step three
Design & Made by Hand

After initial consultation the design will be painted by Barbara. She will then work closely with her Master Goldsmith and craftsmen to make your design a reality. All our pieces are hand made here in our workshops. Barbara’s master goldsmith David is one of the few Craftsmen in the world that can execute Barbara’s complex designs and understand the nature of the unusual materials in which she uses to create her award-winning pieces. He has used his years of knowledge, passion and talent to train apprentices helping to keep the standard of fine jewellery manufacturing alive in the UK. Barbara’s work has 100% been made in house, in England in her workshops in Portsmouth and Mayfair. 


Specialists Stone sourcing

As a precious gemstone specialist Barbara Tipple not only offers vibrant core collections but also prides herself on her bespoke service where she will work along side her clients to create the perfect design and treasured piece for any occasion. Using her extensive knowledge and passion for diamonds, gemstones and precious metals Barbara will bring you the very best service in terms of craftsmanship, quality and design.