Barbara Tipple

Unique engagement rings

When choosing an engagement ring the priority should be the design, the fact you love it, and the quality. Not just the quality of the stones and materials but the quality of the manufacturing.

Each one of Barbara Tipple's engagement rings has been handcrafted using the finest precious metals and genuine diamonds and gemstones to epitomise the strongest symbol of love. Barbara's speciality is creating bespoke engagement rings that are not only durable but incorporate exactly what you envision.

Barbara Tipple can show you a selection of designs along with an array of gemstones during an initial consultation to start the bespoke service process of having a bespoke engagement ring made. 

one of a kind
Design your own engagement ring

We will work closely with you to create the most beautiful bespoke ring, skilfully handmade in our workshops in Hampshire and London. Designed by an award-winning jewellery designer and master craftsmen. Barbara’s years of experience in diamonds and precious gemstones are evident in the beauty and quality of the stones chosen to set into our quintessential designs and unique engagement rings. 

We pride ourselves on creating entirely handmade, bespoke design engagement rings made uniquely for you. A gesture is given to a loved one to show a lifetime of commitment and needs to stand up to a lifetime of wear. The rings are hand forged out of solid pieces of gold and platinum.  

Custom Engagement Rings

All our bespoke jewellery is meticulously designed and skilfully crafted to last, by our talented master goldsmith. Barbara and her knowledgeable team hand choose every diamond to set into our bespoke engagement jewellery.

Our classic engagement platinum rings can be hand-finished with the finest diamonds or gemstones to create a unique ring design for you. We will discuss all you wish to know when choosing your stone. You may wish to see different shapes of diamonds or different qualities and colours. Each diamond you are shown would have been ethically sourced and each stone comes with an industry-trusted certificate to certify your chosen stone is conflict-free. 

Diamond Engagement rings
You can browse our collection of diamond engagement rings online. If you're looking for a specific diamond cut or custom made engagement ring, our team will work with you to make it achievable.

Each of our diamond engagement rings can be made in the following cuts and shapes:

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond 
Radiant Cut Diamond 
Princess-Cut Diamond
Oval-Cut Diamond 
Emerald-Cut Diamond
Marquise-Cut Diamond
Pear-Shaped Diamond
Asscher Cut Diamond
Heart-Shaped Diamond

Barbara will use her wealth of experience to accommodate a bespoke diamond engagement ring design that has the perfect cut, metals and durability for your budget.

Contact our team via email, phone, live chat or visit our Southampton showroom and see our custom jewellery designs in person.

Moonstone engagement rings
Moonstones are one of the most beautiful gemstones available in the world. Moonstones have a history of use as talismans for fertility, love, protection and sleep and what a perfect gemstone choice this would make for a moonstone engagement ring.

Discover Barbara's Full Range of Moonstone jewellery including the Moonstone Rhiannon Ring.
Alternative Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings are a traditional symbol of love and unity but that doesn't mean you have to surprise your loved one with a traditional engagement ring. The real beauty of engagement rings is choosing a ring that represents.

Non-traditional rings have become increasingly popular. Whether you are looking for a minimalistic ring, or a truly one-of-a-kind unique engagement ring, Barbara will personally design you the ring of your dreams that meets your design and budget.

With a wealth of experience in sourcing gemstones and diamonds for each single piece of jewellery, there is no one more passionate than Barbara to design the perfect alternative engagement ring.

The 4 C's of Diamonds

A diamond's value can be assessed by the 4C's. A true diamond expert like Barbara will personally assess and choose each diamond by hand, focusing on the true beauty that can only be seen by the eye. Each of the 4C's aids in determining how rare each diamond is.

For ultimate sparkle, a diamond needs to have two things, perfect Symmetry and facets that align. If facets align, light reflects on each surface giving a ring an envious sparkle.

Only an expert will be able to evaluate a perfect diamond colours. Each shade is subtle in difference. Ranging from colourless to a warm light colour, each colour grading of a white diamond carries it's own price point. Barbara will be able to help you discover the right colour grade for you.

Each natural diamond has it's own characteristics which influences how light is reflected. The natural inclusions give the diamond it's clarity.

Carat refers to gold purity and diamond weight. The Term Carat comes from the Carab tree. The seeds of the carat tree are symmetrical and were seen to have consistently weights and sizes meaning it was the perfect choice when weighing gemstones in ancient days.