Kings and Queens

The regal kings and Queens collection was designed by Barbara to show case the variety of precious and semi-precious gemstones in her vast collection. The kings and Queens collection is elegant and timeless. Textured forged settings handmade in 18ct yellow gold, silver and platinum compliment a variety of striking gemstones such as Ruby, Peridot and rainbow moonstones.  

Barbara Tipples gemstone collection is expertly sourced. Barbara hand chooses each individual gemstone, whether it is for her collections or bespoke one-off commissions. Each stone is inspected and chosen for its beauty, vibrancy, cut and clarity.  

With over 40 years in the jewellery industry Barbara has a special rapport with some of the most discerning stone dealers in the world who assist Barbara in searching the for the finest quality gemstones for her designs. Sometimes, stones will require being recut or polished, so they are suitable for a particular design or setting. We use highly skilled, reputable stone cutters to ensure the cut and finish of the gemstone is of the highest standard.  

This is evident in the Kings and Queens moonstone bracelets. The handmade bracelet is set with the finest matching set of pigeon blood red Rubies. To find one ruby of this calibre is rare but a matching set is truly special. These beautiful oval rubies have been set in hand made platinum settings with 18ct yellow gold forged surrounds. A regal design to enhance the vibrancy of these stones.  

Other bracelet designs from this collection can be set with cabochon rainbow moonstones, the kings and queen design perfectly showcases the opulence of the precious gemstone by setting them into the finest gold, platinum and silver contrasting their moon like glow with the brightness of the polished metals. This design can also be made using round gemstones. 

The kings and queen gold stud earrings are available in a selection of coloured gems. White diamonds set into platinum with contrasting 18ct yellow gold hand forged surrounds. Royal blue sapphires are also a popular choice for this elegant design. An understated earring which can be worn day to day but special enough to be a statement piece in your personal jewellery collection.  

The kings and Queens design offers you the chance to hand choose your own-coloured stone to be set into your bespoke handmade piece. Choosing a gemstone for your design is very personal. Barbara will show you a selection of the very best, but the final choice will be the stone that speaks to you. Barbara will work alongside you and your desired budget to choose the perfect gemstone for your unique piece of jewellery.  

Once the stone has been chosen, Barbara’s team of master craftsmen will handmake your design here in our workshops in Portsmouth or Mayfair.