Moonstone Collection

Moonstone Collection

Moonstones are among the world’s most beautiful gemstones. Like their evocative name’s sake, the moon, moonstones have a silvery light that seems to come from within. The sheen on moonstones is caused by the phenomenon of adularescence, akin to the moon being seen through water. It is not surprising that this beautiful gem also has a history of use as a talisman for fertility, love, protection, and sleep. 

 When Barbara was first introduced to moonstones, it was love at first sight. She first saw one at school when her metalwork teacher introduced them to simple jewellery work.  

 “They have a subtle beauty, which I found magical,” says Barbara. 

Barbara is renowned for the quality of her moonstone jewelry collection, which she started collecting over 40 years ago. The moonstone collection features moonstone rings and moonstone necklaces with the rarest moonstones. Barbara acquired the highest quality moonstone gems from mines in India. These mines produced some of the World’s most astonishing moonstones. But since these sources have essentially dried up in these regions it is becoming more difficult to acquire top quality material.    

The quality of Barbara’s moonstone jewellery collection is evident in its colour, sheen, and clarity. Moonstones come in a variety of colours, from greys through to yellows and pinks but the best moonstones have a vibrant blue sheen and perfect clarity. These are usually cut into domed cabochons to accentuate adularescence. 

Barbara uses moonstones in many ways but particularly likes to contrast them with the brightness of diamonds. Moonstones particularly work well in Barbara’s most recent rock collection. Set in dark silver, with diamonds they almost evoke looking into the mystical stary sky. The moonstone collection features