Choosing the perfect gold engagement ring

You've decided you want to propose to your partner, now how do you find the right ring to ask the question? There are so many options for you to consider when shopping for an engagement ring that it’s easy to become overwhelmed. 

A good way to lower your stress levels when thinking about rings is to break it down and make small decisions first, such as choosing a setting before you even consider cuts and gemstones. 

Gold is a classic and popular choice for engagement ring settings, and it is gold engagement rings we will be focusing on in this blog. We’ll be taking a closer look gold colour options, karats, and plating/coating to help you choose the perfect gold engagement ring for you partner. 

Yellow gold 

Pure yellow gold is very soft and to improve its durability it is typically combined with other precious metals to form an alloy. Some of the most commonly used metals with yellow gold are nickel, zinc, and copper. As a result of this combination of elements, yellow gold tends to have varying shades of its own. 

The popularity of yellow gold engagement rings can be traced as far back as Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Traditionally, yellow gold has been more frequently used for wedding rings. It is thought of as a timeless colour that never becomes dated. 

Generally speaking, it looks good on all skin colours and tones, making it a good choice for gold band engagement rings and wedding bands. Additionally, yellow gold is one of the most affordable options available, so if you have a strict budget in mind, yellow gold could be the right fit for your engagement ring. 

White gold 

Gold is not naturally white, so in order to create the stunning colour of white gold engagement rings or wedding rings, like with yellow gold, metals are added. White gold is normally produced using pure gold and a metal like silver, nickel, or palladium. Due to the fact that gold is often combined with nickel to form white gold, anyone who has an allergy to nickel might need to avoid this type of ring. 

The demand for white gold for engagement rings has soared in recent years. So much so it has overtaken yellow gold as the most popular option for a gold engagement ring. Part of its popularity likely comes from its gorgeous shine and modern look of the colour, especially when a stone is added to create an amazing gold diamond engagement ring. It is mostly flattering on all skin tones, though it often looks best on those with a fairer tone. 

When it comes to price, white gold is fairly comparable to yellow gold. Depending on the exact look you want, you can probably expect to pay a bit more for white gold but if you know your partner is after a contemporary and modern ring, white gold will be a strong contender for you. 

Rose gold 

As you might already know, rose gold is not a natural colour. It is manufactured by blending together silver, copper, and gold (it is the combination of copper and silver that gives rose gold is iconic rosy shade). 

Rose gold has come closer into the spotlight in recent years in various industries, it is even a popular colour choice in iPhones! But it has started to be used more prominently in jewellery too. Many people appreciate the romantic, dreamy look of rose gold whilst others like how universally complimentary it is to almost all skin tones and shades. 

As a result of the metals that are combined to make it, rose gold is actually one of the strongest types of gold you could choose for your engagement band. Unlike white gold, rose gold does not need any rhodium plating, which means it doesn’t require dipping. 


There are various factors involved when choosing the perfect gold engagement ring. What might be the ideal gold ring for one couple may not be right for another couple, it is mostly down to your personal preferences and tastes. 

This is where it is especially useful to contact Barbara Tipple. She can create a completely bespoke and tailor-made gold engagement ring for your partner. Having a ring specifically made will mean you get a unique piece of jewellery that your partner will love forever. 

Contact the team today to discuss your vision for your perfect gold engagement ring and start your bespoke jewellery journey.