Finding the Perfect Gift for Valentines Day

Finding the perfect gift for valentines can feel the same every year, why not go all out this year and show how much your partner means to you. It’s all good buying chocolates and flowers, but they don’t last and won’t be remembered as much as a beautiful piece of jewellery that you have chosen especially for them. Jewellery designs are always more sentimental when you have had you input with the design, it will always make the person receiving the gift more appreciated and loved. 

Jewellery is a great gift for valentine’s day, not only is it romantic and romanticises the holiday, it is also a timeless treasure that your loved one will have for the rest of their lives. Barbara Tipple jewellery is the perfect valentines gift, especially if you are already looking for jewellery gifts. From eternity rings to statement earrings, there is a style of jewellery for any special loved one.  Jewellery is a great gift to show them how much they mean to you. To make the gift of jewellery even more personal, you can also choose to create a bespoke piece. This allows you to take your creativity and help design and choose the handpicked stones, giving you full inclusivity with the process.

There are 3 simple steps to creating your bespoke piece,

  1. Initial consultation,
  2. Selecting your stones and
  3. Designed and made by hand. 

Barbara has a range of collections that include jewellery worn on the hand, that are one of a kind sentimental pieces. Hand jewellery is a good choice for gifting for him or her, hand jewellery includes: rings, bracelets and bangles. It can be a dainty everyday piece or a more extravagant piece that makes a statement for itself. Jewellery is an all time favourite gift for both men and women, it is also a safe choice, everyone is excited to receive a new piece of shiny jewellery. 

A sophisticated and elegant collection is the Wave jewellery, featuring a range of bangles and necklaces that can be worn for any occasion, designed to last a lifetime. The wave necklace was designed with Barbara's love of the sea in mind, which magnifies the simplicity yet chic design. Similarly, the Tudor Bloom collection includes bracelets that are inspired by the intricate lace from the Tudor period, a handcrafted gold bangle delicately wrapped in a platinum Tudor bloom jewellery designs. It is a bespoke design that can be crafted with your admired gemstones such as, white diamonds, sapphires and aquamarines. 


The Bumble Bee collection is our most affordable range, with everyday studs and dainty rings. This collection is perfect for new customers to Barbara Tipple jewellery, who are looking to invest into their first pieces of luxury jewellery. The Bumble Bee is a special gift because it symbolises community, friendship, joy and celebration so choosing to gift the gold Bumble Bee collection can symbolise a number of special meanings. 

If you are looking for a gift for him, the Lion collection has a range of statement bangles that would be unique and unexpected to them. The Lilypad collection could also be a gift for him, with a similar style of bangle except this includes a moonstone gem on one side. Again, you can personalise this to any gemstone of your choice adding a personal touch to this design. With most, of Barbara's jewellery, you are able to pick and choose the gemstones you would like to include. Moreover, the Rock collection includes a range of cuff bracelets which could be gifted for him as they are an unusual carved rock-like natural texture with small diamonds that isn't particularly feminine or masculine. Like all of Barbara’s pieces the gemstone can be changed, so if it was a gift for him you could choose a gemstone that doesn't have an overly feminine look and feel. Jewellery isn't something men would necessarily assume you'd gift them, therefore it could be a special surprise. 

Alternatively, the Galaxy collection includes a range of statement earrings designed in gold swirls which are striking. The Kings and Queens collection also has a number of statement earrings that are opulent. These simple yet elegant stud earrings are available in white gold, platinum and silver and can be set with a variety of gemstones such as sapphire, tanzanite and moonstone, which allows you to choose and almost design the perfect look for the earrings you are after. 

More importantly, if you are thinking of making this valentines day an even more memorable one by proposing. Finding the person you want to spend the rest if your life with can be scary but exciting. Wanting to progress to the next stage of a relationship is a big deal and takes a lot of consideration, especially with the ring that is going to be worn for a lifetime. Having an idea of what you are looking for is always a good start. There are hundreds of designs and diamonds to choose from that can make the process feel very overwhelming. If you choose to be involved in the design process, Barbara Tipple is the person to bring your ideas to life.  

Barbara Tipple has the perfect rings for your bride to be. The simple, yet elegant designs are a guide to help you to create your personalised ring. In our workshops we can create one-of-a-kind engagement rings, set with striking gemstones, pink diamonds, old cut diamonds or unique yellow diamonds. You can make your bespoke ring exactly how you envision with a design that means something special. This shouldn't be a quick or rushed process, it needs to be thought and considered as it is an investment piece to last a lifetime. When isn't the perfect day, but valentines day would be a good choice to pop the question when the day is already emphasising love and romance. The next step will be creating your jewellery designs for the wedding rings with the help of Barbara! Wedding rings can be as simple and dainty to quirky and statement designs, it's all down to your personal preference. Wedding rings can be more of a couples decision where you can both have your input into the designs. 

Whether you’re loved one prefers simplistic jewellery or statement jewellery, or you are looking for the perfect engagement ring, there are a range of collections that will suit everyone, helping you find the perfect gift this valentines day in one destination. If you want to shop your special jewellery gift from store, we are based in Portsmouth where we are more than happy to discuss any questions you may have.