How do I find a unique engagement ring?

Having a unique engagement ring is something that some women dream about, but it can be a challenge for partners trying to make that dream a reality. There are many different ways you can make a ring unique; they can range from subtle to extravagant depending on preference. 

In this article, we’ll be looking at the different factors that can make an engagement ring unique and exploring why a bespoke engagement ring is likely the best option when it comes to making sure your bride-to-be gets the exact ring she wants.

What makes an engagement ring unique?

Below is a list of seven different ways to get an engagement ring for your partner that will stand out from the crowd.

Adding a coloured diamond

To find a ring that is truly original we need to start at the top. As you might be aware, the most popular gems for engagement rings are colourless diamonds. However, if you want to go a step further and break away from the sea of clear diamonds, you could opt for a diamond in your partner’s favourite colour or has a special meaning to her.

Coloured diamonds occur when there are anomalies found within the stone. For example, yellow diamonds come from the presence of excess nitrogen in the diamond’s atomic structure. Pink diamonds are incredibly rare and are the result of a structural defect that gives them a pink hue. Other alternative diamond colours include blue, grey, purple, brown, orange, and green.

Colourful diamonds can be more expensive than colourless diamonds, but the colours are stunning and make for amazing unique engagement rings.

Choosing a different gemstone to diamond

Another great way to make an engagement ring unique is to have a different gemstone at the centre of the ring than a diamond. Diamonds are synonymous with engagement rings and have been for many years. If you want to go against the trends and have a completely different look, using another type of gem as the centre stone will be very effective.

There are several gorgeous gemstones for you to choose from such as rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Each one can be adapted to various styles of gemstone rings and offer a unique and modern twist to traditional ring design.

Having more than one metal type on the ring

If you can find or have designed, a ring with two different types and colours of metal, you’ll have a truly unique piece of jewellery. This is more of a subtle detail that you can find in rings, but it’s a great way to add a touch of character to a ring without going over the top. 

For example, some rings can feature white and yellow colours at the same time. It makes for a different look that you won’t find in a lot of rings today. The difference can be subtle or a bit more pronounced depending on your preference.

Adding a splash of colour

Another more understated way of making sure your engagement ring is unique is to incorporate a bit of colour into the ring that will make it stand out from the crowd. The colour can be obvious and eye catching or just a subtle stone that’s placed in the setting of the ring. There are several ways that you can just a small hint of colour to the ring.

For example, you could have coloured gemstones along a halo that surrounds the centre stone or have them along the sides of the ring. Combining diamonds and gemstones is a great way to achieve a more original look to an engagement ring. It adds a different element to an otherwise standard piece of jewellery.

Having a custom engagement ring

One way to guarantee that the ring you choose is unlike anything else you would see someone wearing is to go to a bespoke jeweller like Barbara Tipple. Barbara is renowned for her award-winning designs and will apply her skills to design a completely unique ring. 

She will take inspiration from an initial discussion with you about yours and your partners wishes for the ring and create your perfect vision of an engagement ring. What better way to make your partner feel special that with a ring that no one else in the world has? 

Where to buy a bespoke engagement ring

If you’re looking for a professional and experienced bespoke jeweller to design an original engagement ring for your partner, contact Barbara Tipple today. 

Barbara is one of the most successful jewellers in Britain, winning her first diamonds international award when she was a student, at the age of 22. She is one of two jewellers in the United Kingdom to win this prestigious ‘oscar’ of the jewellery world more than 3 times. Barbara has also been awarded an honorary PhD, the title of Freedom of the City of London, and has an impressive history of bespoke commissions.

For the highest quality bespoke jewellery in Portsmouth or Petworth come and visit our galleries today. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us by email or phone to arrange an initial discussion with Barbara on the bespoke design idea you have in mind.