How to style Night and Day Jewellery for all occasions

When buying luxury handcrafted jewellery, you are making an investment and when you make an investment you want it to be something that will last a lifetime or can be used multiple times in different settings. Sometimes, people don’t want to buy luxury jewellery because they don’t think they will get the true value of the piece if they can only wear it in specific settings or occasions. Finding jewellery of high quality that can be easily interchanged from a day setting to a night setting may not always be as easy until now. 

Introducing the Night and Day Collection 

Barbara Tipple’s luxurious Night and Day collection bridges the gap between night and day by making the jewellery interchangeable for different settings. The Night and Day collection is the most diverse collection which is handcrafted by Barbara and her expert team of craftsmen.  

The collection is inspired by the cosmos and features hand selected moonstones and high quality diamonds to add the perfect level of sparkle for both day and night settings. 

How to style the night and day collection

When creating the collection, Barbara wanted to create a collection that was versatile and can be interchanged and customised to the individual’s style. 


The Night and Day Moonstone Earrings merge night and day through their unique design. Made from sterling silver, the earrings feature detachable moonstones and fine quality diamonds. The earrings perfectly combine the desire of sparkle for evening settings whilst being just the right amount to wear during the day. The earrings can be interchanged into stud earrings by removing the moonstones from the detachable 18ct yellow gold hook which may be the perfect daytime look. 

The fully reversible earrings allow you decide which side you want to wear for the right setting. To make them truly pop, an updo hairstyle helps to turn the focus to your jewellery. To stand out even more you may choose to wear alternating sides for a unique and daring look. 


The night and day collection features two pendant necklaces. The Small Night and Day Pendant Necklace is handmade in 18ct yellow and black gold and is fully reversible. The night side features an intricately carved rock like pattern with diamond stars which can be perfectly styled with a bold coloured outfit. 

The day side represents the light and is hand carved in the finest gold. The perfect addition to a neutral-coloured outfit during the day. If you are looking for a bigger and bolder interchangeable night and day piece of jewellery, then the Large Night and Day Pendant Necklace is the perfect jewellery piece from the collection. The moonstone necklace is a larger size but not too large that you can’t wear it during both night and day settings. 

The moonstone earrings and the pendant necklace perfectly pair well for both occasions and the moonstones help to blend day to night as the natural shimmers of the moonstone will absorb the sunlight and project the iridescence of the moonstone whilst the night light will capture the richness of the blue moonstones. 

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