How to style silver jewellery

Silver jewellery is very versatile, it can tie an outfit together either elegantly or be a statement piece that can add the right amount of glamour. Silver jewellery is easy to wear everyday as it is more of a subtle tone than gold. Silver earrings paired with a dainty silver necklace is a staple everyday look that doesn’t require you to think about it looking over the top. As well as, a classic silver bangle, like Barbara’s Diamond Wave Bangle which is the perfect everyday, subtle yet classic piece. 

At Barbara Tipple, we have a range of bespoke silver jewellery, from silver bangles  to silver earrings, there is a piece tailored to everyone. Furthermore, if there is a design you want to tweak or create your own, Barbara offers a bespoke service to help you bring your vision to life. The bespoke process is a 3 step process where you will have a consultation with Barbara in the Portsmouth store. This is when you will discuss what you would like to have made and how Barbara can create the piece and make it one-of-a-kind. The second step allows you to select your gemstones. You will be immersed in the most beautiful section of precious stones in vibrant colours to the highest quality. The final step is the crafting process where Master goldsmith David can execute the design. 

What colours go with silver jewellery? 

We think our moonstone gems compliment silver jewellery beautifully, Although we do like to pair silver jewellery with moonstones, Barbara has also designed the Tourmaline Rock ring, which is crafted from solid sterling silver with a striking tourmaline set in 18ct yellow gold with a beautiful emerald gemstone. Silver rings are easy to mix and match different coloured gemstones such as Rubies and Sapphires. The colours to avoid wearing silver jewellery with are lighter shades like pastels, especially lighter yellows as these colours will drown out the shine of the silver. Any darker colour will enhance the shine of the silver, a monochrome look would help the silver pop. 

Styling silver rings 

Our Plain Rock Ring  is a carved rock-like design that has been carved into a simple, wide solid silver ring to create a truly unique piece of jewellery. If you prefer to add a touch of sparkle to your ring,  you can choose to add precious gemstones such as diamonds, rubies & sapphires. This ring is perfect to layer with a range of different silver rings because it is very simple, but it does have unique and versatile qualities. 

Mixing metals 

Wearing a piece of jewellery with mixed metals can be a simple way to bridge the gap between both coloured metals. This will allow you to then wear different metals in other pieces too so you are not limited to either gold or silver. Barbara has a range of products that use mixed metals, for example, Gold Lion Bangle is a handcrafted bracelet in 18ct yellow gold and sterling silver. The bangle itself is crafted in silver with the two lions positioned on the opening of the bracelet in yellow gold. Similarly, Barbara’s Moonstone Lily pad Frog Bracelet is designed with a silver bangle with a gold form on a silver lily pad, the moonstone on the opposing side of the opening has a yellow gold edge to match alongside the frog. This is an elegant way to merge the two coloured metals within a design. 

It is also easier to mix metals with your outfit if you are wearing solid colours rather than prints, the mixing of metals could be the focal point of your outfit, in comparison to wearing a bold print. This then gives you the option to wear eccentric pieces or subtle designs on the basis of the simplicity or colour of your look. 

Why choose to wear silver jewellery?

Silver jewellery has the durability and strength to be crafted and shaped easily, being a craftsman’s dream. It is a strong metal that is going to last you forever to pass down generations of the family. Moreover, it is believed by spiritualists that wearing a silver bracelet on the left wrist evokes positivity and good energy from the environment surrounding you. This is based on the belief of the left side of the body has a spiritual internal self. Furthermore, there have been studies suggesting wearing silver jewellery can improve your mood and take you to a feeling of relaxation, which is a great excuse to be able to treat yourself to a new bespoke silver necklace to add to your collection.

Hypoallergenic jewellery 

Silver jewellery is hypoallergenic, allowing the option for everyone who has sensitive skin or who is prone to allergic reactions to be able to wear jewellery. Unlike pieces that are made from cheaper materials like inexpensive nickel or brass that can be highly irritable to skin. If you wear sterling silver jewellery, you can confidently show off your pieces and wear them all day without the fear of infection. This makes silver jewellery the perfect metal to update in your everyday collection. 

Bespoke silver jewellery are always going to be special pieces that are treasured and valued, why not sit down with family members and look through their jewellery. There could be hidden gems that have stories behind them whilst still looking impeccable. If you are looking for a new bespoke silver necklace or silver earrings to treasure for yourself, or to collect, why not visit our store in Portsmouth and see the beauty of the silver jewellery in person. Alternatively, we now offer a live chat service where you can video call the store and browse all of the unique pieces from the comfort of your home.