How to style the Bee Collection

Bee Jewellery became a major trend in Spring 2018 and was adorned by many high fashion brands on the runway including Gucci which had an entire collection dedicated to the symbolic bee. Now years later we still see it being adorned everywhere from jewellery to shoes: it is a simple yet bold design that has stood the test of time.

Bee Jewellery is the perfect jewellery collection to have this spring. The simplicity of the bee-designed jewellery focuses solely on the bee, making it the perfect addition for all occasions. If you are looking for jewellery that can be worn every day and styled up for the evening, then this is the perfect collection for you.

Why is the Bee Jewellery so loved?

The bee symbolises joy, friendship, and community and makes for the perfect accessory. The bee was believed to be sacred in ancient cultures and represents peace and harmony. Barbara's Bumble bee collection is inspired by nature and its beauty. 

All the pieces from the Bumble Bee Collection are handmade using the finest quality gold, silver, and platinum. Barbara Tipple has some of the most talented silversmith and master goldsmiths in the country creating her collections. With over 40 years’ experience, these highly skilled craftsmen work closely alongside Barbara to bring her designs to life. Carving, forging, and polishing the metals into sculptural pieces of art to be worn and admired by many. 


The Bee Lucky Pendant and Rutile Bee Pendant Necklaces are the perfect pendants for anyone wanting to up style their look through their jewellery. The Bee Lucky pendant is the perfect addition to your collection if you are a lover of unique jewellery. Handcrafted in sterling silver with a bee poised on the lucky pebble. This Gold bee pendant can be worn every day if you love to make a subtle statement with your everyday wardrobe.


If you are a lover of gold jewellery, then the Rutile Bee Pendant is the perfect addition for you. Another perfect one-of-a-kind addition to elevate any look. The Rutile Quartz can be paired with our Rutile Quartz Gold Bracelet


For a minimalistic but special piece of jewellery you can wear over and over our gold Bumble Bee earrings are the perfect addition. if you are someone who doesn't wear lots of jewellery then earrings are the perfect staple. Wearing your hair up can make these earrings pop and become the focal point of your look even with the simplest of looks. The stud earrings are handcrafted in 18ct yellow gold and can be paired with the Bumble Bee Ring


The Bee Lucky Ring is handcrafted in 18ct Yellow Gold and features a natural uncut diamond. Another stand-out yet simplistic piece of jewellery that can be worn regularly. The gold honey bee is the sole focus of the ring and when worn alone it truly shines. Our Bee Ring naturally compliments the Bee Lucky Pendant and Bee Earrings.

Whether you are a minimalist jewellery lover or a bold jewellery lover the Bee collection is the perfect medium. It is also the perfect collection to gift to a loved one as it symbolises the unity between the worker bees and the unity of friendship and love. 

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