Introducing the Landscape collection

Inspired by nature and earth tones, the Landscape Collection is Barbara Tipples latest collection. Inspired by the British countryside, the earth tone jewellery features the richest of greens, purples, greys, and golds.

Each piece of jewellery in the Landscape Collection is hand-carved by master goldsmith David who works with Barbara to bring the complex and unusual jewellery designs to life. The landscape green jewellery collection features the emerald, green pendant, moonstone necklace and handcrafted cuff bracelet which won Barbara the Diamonds 'Nature's Miracle Award' in 2004.

How to style the Landscape Collection

Landscape pendant 

The green stone jewellery pendant is the perfect addition for pendant necklace lovers. The simplicity of the pendant is what makes it shine. The gold pendant has been handcrafted in bronze and 24 carat gold, set with an emerald to enhance the beauty of nature especially in natural light. 

To make this pendant necklace really shine you should keep your outfit simple and classic. Neutral colours pair perfectly with green jewellery and emphasise the gold detailing. Pendant necklaces work great in both day and night settings and works best when the pendant is worn alone or with simple minimalistic jewellery such as stud earrings, rings, and dainty bracelets. 

If you are wanting to make a bold statement for an evening setting then the Landscape necklace and landscape cuff will be the perfect choice. 

Landscape Necklace 

The Landscape Necklace is handcrafted and bespoke necklace crafted in bronze and 24 carat gold. It is set with the most exquisite green moonstones which perfect balances out the pure gold and bronze  and signifies the earth meeting the sky. 

The earth tone green jewellery is the perfect size for making a statement and tying your overall look together. It pairs well with neutral colours such cream, grey, tan and black. If you want to make your jewellery the focus you should avoid patterns and stick to solid complimentary colours. You can also style your hair into an up-do style to show the full effect of the necklace from all angles. 

The landscape necklace is bold and therefore works best with minimalist stud earrings. The perfect piece of jewellery to pair with the necklace is our landscape cuff

Landscape cuff 

The landscape cuff is the rarest and most iconic piece of jewellery from the collection. The first creation of the Landscape cuff won Barbara the Nature's Miracle Award in 2004. Since then, the features of the cuff have developed and evolved and have featured natural coloured diamonds including brown, yellow and cognac tones. The tones previously featured match the nature and earthy tones perfectly. The richness of the purple brings out the undertones of blue found in the green bracelet which perfectly surrounds all the elements of nature we see around us. 

The cuff is perfect for a more formal or evening setting and should be savoured for formal settings over day time settings. To make the cuff bracelet stand out you should style it with neutral colours such as black, as seen on our model. A sleeveless top or dress will make the landscape jewellery pop and be the focal point of any look. The cuff can be worn alone or if you are wanting to enhance the richness of the green and make any neutral colour outfit stand out whilst looking elegant then our Landscape necklace pairs perfectly. 

Contact the team at Barbara Tipple 

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