What is 18 Carat Gold?

When browsing for jewellery you may have noticed jewellery referencing 'carat' or 'karat. Whether it's 18ct gold, 18K gold, or 24k yellow gold, have you ever wondered what it really means? How much is 18-carat gold worth? Is 18 Carat gold better than 9? Let's take a look at what it actually means 

Before delving into what carat or Karat means, we need to understand what gold is. Gold, specifically solid gold, is a precious yellow metal that is measured using numerical values which is where '18' comes from. The carat refers to the value of the gold and how pure the gold is. 

When looking at the purity of gold, the highest carat you can achieve is 24. if you have 24 carat Gold then your gold is 99.99% pure. Depending on the jewellery you're looking to buy, you may not see 24K as an option for particular jewellery. 

24K may seem extremely valuable due to it being the purest gold you can have however, 24ct gold can be impractical, especially for wedding rings or eternity rings due to it being an extremely soft metal which can actually result in scratches and is more prone to bends. 

18K gold on the other hand is a perfect choice if you are wanting a high percentage of pure gold for an engagement ring. To make 18ct gold more durable, other alloys are added to give it strength such as silver and copper. 

What is the difference between carat and karat?

Carat or Karat? You make have seen it being referred to as 18-carat gold and 18 karats gold but is there a difference? Carat and Karat may be seen interchangeable when referring to jewellery. Carat came from the Carab tree and seeds of the carat tree are symmetrical and were seen to have consistently weights and sizes meaning it was the perfect choice when weight gemstones in ancient days.

Carat refers to gold purity and diamond weight however, Karat only refers to gold purity and was introduced to purely distinguish gold purity and gemstone weight which means you will never see 'karat' referring to diamond weight. 

Can you wear 18ct gold every day? 

Although, the higher the carats the more valuable your gold is, it doesn't mean it needs to be saved for special occasions. 18-carat gold is extremely durable which means you can wear it daily as it is less likely to tarnish or scratch. 

Barbara uses 18ct gold in a variety of her one-of-a-kind jewellery. If you love yellow gold jewellery, it's extremely likely that you discover 18ct Gold in Barbara's Jewellery collection. 

18 Carat Gold Rings 

18ct gold rings are advantageous when it comes to carat. 18K gold is 18 parts pure gold, mixed with 6 parts of precious metals. Depending on the precious metals, the colour of gold can vary to create white gold, yellow gold or even rose gold. Barbara's collection of rings including the Opal Comet Ring, Bee Lucky Ring and Moonstone Rhiannon Ring are all handcrafted in 18ct yellow gold are warm in tone and pair perfectly with coloured moonstones and genuine gemstones that can be worn daily. 

18 Carat Gold Bangles

Bangles are a great choice of jewellery for wearing daily but because the jewellery is not as close to the body as rings or earrings you want to ensure your bangle is made of materials that are durable and resistant to scratches. Our Ammonite Amethyst Bangle, Gold Lion Bangle and Diamond Wave Bangle are handcrafted in 18ct yellow gold. 18ct gold bangles are unlikely to cause a reaction to the skin due to the purity and you will find it doesn't corrode which 18ct vermeil or even 18-carat gold-filled jewellery can. 

18 Carat Gold Earrings

For 18ct gold earrings, Barbara's gold stud earring collection including, Mabe Pearl Earrings, Bumble Bee Earrings and Kings and Queen Tanzanite Earrings can be worn day and night. All of the gemstones and moonstones found in Barbara's jewellery is responsibly sourced which is important to Barbara.

How do I know if 18K Gold is real?

18K Gold refers to pure solid gold and is one of the most sought-after metals. Due to its popularity, it's important to know if your 18K gold is real. All 18K pure gold in the UK will be hallmarked and stamped, usually with '750' for 18-carat gold.

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