What is Fine Jewellery?

When browsing for jewellery you may have heard of the terms 'fine jewellery', 'fashion jewellery' or even 'high jewellery' But what does it mean? Is there a whole world of jewellery that people don't know about?

Fine Jewellery often refers to jewellery that is crafted using precious metals. These precious metals may be Gold, Sterling silver and Platinum. Many people may consider fine jewellery to be 'expensive', and it can be. But, for a very good reason.

If you love jewellery and understand the value it carries then you may already be well equipped with fine jewellery. For some though, it may seem 'overpriced' or 'unaffordable' at first glance and this could be due to not knowing what makes jewellery 'fine'.

So let's delve in...

What makes fine jewellery special?

Not only is it created using precious metals but fine jewellery usually features genuine and some of the most exquisite gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds, sapphires or rubies. The use of precious metals and gemstones elevates the piece of jewellery, making it extremely durable.

The great thing about buying from a high-end jeweller is that each piece has usually been handcrafted and carefully crafted to create a unique piece of jewellery rather than mass create a selection of jewellery. Fine jewellery can be classed as unusual jewellery or one of a kind jewellery in comparison to fashion jewellery. The most notorious piece of unique jewellery would be engagement rings.

Engagement rings are traditionally the most popular piece of fine jewellery there is. It's said, there is nothing more personal than creating a bespoke engagement ring for a loved one. What better symbol of love and marriage than a diamond engagement ring that has been handcrafted with durable and precious materials to bind the idea of longevity of a relationship?

Fine Jewellery vs Fashion Jewellery

Fashion jewellery, also known as 'costume jewellery' is usually jewellery that is created to keep up with the climate of trends, usually mass-produced compared to fine jewellery. In order to keep up with demand, costume jewellery doesn't use precious metals and is typically made from aluminium, zinc, copper or brass and is extremely unlikely to feature genuine gemstones: making the production costs of fashion jewellery lower but, it is easily prone to cracks and scratches.

The key difference between fine jewellery and fashion jewellery comes down to price and durability. Whilst, costume jewellery is lower-priced, it is guaranteed to not last. The chances of having to replace fashion jewellery is extremely high meaning in the long term you may find yourself spending a lot of money replacing the jewellery.

Fine jewellery is extremely durable, production demands are a lot lower due to the luxury jewellery being perfectly handcrafted, usually bespoke, to make the jewellery more special and very unlikely to scratch or crack due to the precious materials.

Barbara's Approach to Fine Jewellery

Barbara Tipple's jewellery collection is everything that fine jewellery should be. Each piece is designed personally by Barbara with Barbara hand choosing the gemstones for each piece. The creation of each piece of jewellery is solely handmade in Britain by master goldsmiths who bring the design to life.

Many of Barbara's jewellery can be purchased online including the Bee Lucky Pendant and Bumble Bee Earrings. Barbara's array of unusual jewellery includes the ability to make the piece even more personal by creating bespoke luxury jewellery. Take one of Barbara's collection pieces and customise it with your preferred gemstone or have it made completely bespoke

If the deciding factor for choosing between fine jewellery and fashion jewellery truly comes down to price, then you have to stop and think.

  • Will this piece of jewellery need to be replaced multiple times?
  • Will I spend more money over time replacing my jewellery instead of buying jewellery that will last?
  • Will my fine jewellery grow in value?

What many people don't realise is that even though fine jewellery costs more, it can gain value over time. Cartier is a great brand that is evident of this. The Cartier Love Bracelet has become synonymous with celebrities but when it was originally sold in 1970, the price was $250. Today you are looking to spend a minimum of $6000. 

As time goes on, natural gemstones will become scarce, meaning they will become extremely rare to source or even find in modern jewellery. Barbara takes great pride in being one of the most discerning gemstone collectors in the world. With that passion, Barbara will show you a selection of precious and semi-precious stones to incorporate into your bespoke jewellery piece, making sure to pick not only the finest gemstones but to pick a stone that will speak to you and your personality. 

Our Promise

As a connoisseur of bespoke jewellery and one of a kind jewellery, Barbara doesn't just want to create jewellery that appeals to the masses. Each collection has a personal tie to Barbara and has been carefully designed from a drawing to a tangible one of a kind jewellery piece that has the ability to be customised to each customer. 

If you have an idea that needs bringing to life, there is no one more suited than Barbara to help you achieve that dream. 

If you would like to find out more about commissioning bespoke jewellery and find out how we can bring your vision to life, book a consultation. Or take advantage of our new virtual shopping video