Why should I choose custom made jewellery?

Over the years, custom made jewellery has become increasingly popular for anyone looking for that extra personal touch. Having a piece of bespoke jewellery exclusively made for you is a great way to highlight your personality or celebrate an important milestone in your life that you want to remember forever. 

Whether you’re looking for just the right style necklace to compliment your collection or a stunning personal engagement ring for your partner, there are a lot of compelling reasons why you should choose custom made jewellery. We’ll be exploring some of these benefits in this article. 

It’s tailored to you and your taste

When you work with a professional and experienced jeweller like Barbara Tipple to create a piece of unique jewellery, you can get exactly what you want and avoid the middlemen. 

The majority of jewellery shops have limited options when it comes to styles and designs. Custom made jewellery gives you flexibility and a wider range of choices as well as greater control over the production process. There is more creativity involved and you don’t need to compromise on any features like you would with a pre-existing jewellery item. 

Bespoke jewellers can create you a design if you have just a spark of an idea in your mind. Whatever your preferences and needs are for the jewellery, a custom jeweller will work with you to create a personalised and one-of-a-kind piece of art. 

Value for money

If you have a budget in mind for your jewellery, opting for a custom-made piece will ensure you know everything that’s going into the production and where the value lies, so you can make your money work for you.  

A budget is often an important priority for couples that are getting engaged or married. As the cost of living becomes more expensive, couples are looking to save as much money as they can. Getting a tailored design allows for the production of a unique piece that still accommodates your budget. 

Also, mass-produced jewellery tends to be missing the essential elements that make it more affordable. With custom jewellery, as previously mentioned, you don’t need to work with a middleman as you will be in direct contact with the jeweller, which can significantly lower production costs. 

A clear focus on quality over quantity

Barbara will spend a lot of time designing and perfecting an individual piece of jewellery using the highest standard of metals and stones to go above and beyond your expectations. Creating a one-off design takes a level of care, commitment, and focus that can be missing in mass-produced jewellery. Each new item is a work of art that reflects the craft.  

Outstanding customer service

Providing the best customer service is vital when it comes to specialist products and sectors like jewellery production. Understanding what each customer wants and spending the time with them to create the jewellery they have envisioned is invaluable. 

When you decide to get customised jewellery from a well-established jeweller like Barbara Tipple, you can expect to receive a personalised and high-level service unlike any experience in a high-street shop. 

Forming an emotional connection

The sentimental and emotional value is greater than the financial value with custom made jewellery. Often a design is based on the concept of ideas, emotions, or memorable moments that you can bring to life in a specially created item. There’s a special sense of intimacy when you choose to get jewellery that has been painstakingly designed and crafted. 

If you’re getting a bespoke piece as a gift, it gives you the chance to present your loved one with a present that speaks from the heart. Also, it enables you to connect with the jeweller and learn more about their story.

Supporting the skills of a jeweller 

Being a jeweller includes the ability to preserve a skilled craft. It takes many years to gain the knowledge, expertise, and skills, to produce a perfect piece of jewellery. Making bespoke jewellery means you can work alongside a passionate professional with extensive experience in the industry directly and convey your vision to them. 

A quality designer will keep you involved in the process from the start to the end and the finished product will clearly represent the time, effort, and hand-crafted work that has gone into it. 

Sustainable and eco-friendly 

Modern consumers are becoming more aware and eco-conscious with the items they buy, which can extend to jewellery. A bespoke service and pieces of jewellery are sustainable as many of them will be created locally using methods that are socially responsible. Since your custom piece won’t have been produced on a massive scale, it eliminates the need to use machines or industrial equipment that often contribute to pollution. 

By supporting custom made jewellery designs you could be helping the environment and reducing carbon footprint without affecting your creativity or the jeweller’s hand finished work. 

Final thoughts 

The advantages to choosing custom made jewellery are clear. It’s your unique opportunity to be part of creating a piece that you’ll treasure, not only for what it represents, but also because you oversaw every detail from the initial design to the end results. 

Barbara Tipple is highly proficient in creating amazing jewellery including bespoke engagement rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. Contact us by phone, email, or come and visit us in our gallery for an initial discussion about what you’re looking for in a bespoke design.