Bee Personal Bracelet
Bee Personal Bracelet

Bee Personal Bracelet

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The Bumblebee collection is inspired by the beauty of nature. These quintessential bracelets encapsulate the beauty of the British Bumblebee. Handmade by our talented craftsmen, the bumble bee symbolises community, friendship, and joy, making it a thoughtful gift for any occasion.

The bee personal bracelet can be adorned with a personalised leaf to make this the perfect friendship bracelet or special gift for a loved one. Available in gold, silver and platinum.  

One of a kind, hand-crafted pieces just for our clients. It is a unique process where our customers are able to change or build on one of our existing pieces to create something special.

Contact us either via email or in store to talk about design, budget and also time frame for creating your bespoke jewellery.

Step one
Initial Consultation
step two
Select your Stones
step three
Design & Made by Hand